Historical Sketch

Grace Baptist Church was founded by Pastor Richard H. Brady. The city of Springfield was first suggested to the Bradys by missionary church planter Grant G. Rice. Following a night of prayer, God used Acts 16:6-12 to guide them to the "chief city" (vs.12) of Illinois. The Bradys came to Springfield in July 1967.

Sunday services were begun in Noah Webster School on September 10, 1967. An organizational meeting was held at the first parsonage, 2341 South 11th Street, on Wednesday, November 15, 1967. A Constitution and By-Laws were drawn up and the new church officially incorporated on November 20, 1967. A Charter Membership was opened on December 6, 1967, with thirteen present.

After three years of meeting in Webster School, the church moved into its present building, and Sunday services were begun on December 13, 1970. Grace Baptist Academy was begun in September 1973.

Fellowship is maintained with Bible believing Baptist churches in the area. In addition to evangelism, the church has contended for ecclesiastical separation from liberal theology and worldliness.